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JANUARY THEME 2015 EDITORIAL: Millennium Development Goals 2015: Past and Future

By Joanne AMLAG Goals are important. New Year’s Day is a particularly special time in which people all around the world make promises to themselves to fulfill specific goals. For example, I’m sure many of my classmates have made numerous personal goals in the past few days. Goals that probably involve the likes of studying more regularly, working out more

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HEALTHY LIVING: Overindulging during the Holiday Season

By MAHARANEE What is food coma? Food coma is a state of being uncomfortable and drowsy caused by overeating[1]. Basically, it is the feeling of fatigue after indulging in a big meal[2]. Does it exist? It actually does. It is recognized in a medical term called post-prandial somnolence [3]. This feeling happens when your body consumes massive amounts of food and it commonly occurs around

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