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M2 Internship: Shukrullah Ahmadi

Shukrullah Ahmadi How did you obtain your M2 thesis internship – was the process easy or difficult? I started looking early to find an internship and I found more than one, but I chose the one that fitted my research interests. Internship fairs are very useful and I was ultimately offered an internship through an internship fair organized by EHESP. I found another internship,

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M1 Reflection (A letter to incoming students of 2017/2018): Lennart Lock

Dear incoming students, As an M1 candidate in the 2016/2017 cohort, PHIN asked me to share some of my thoughts on student life at EHESP. Let me start by congratulating the new M1 student with being accepted, and welcome you and the new M2 students to Paris. The admission committee at EHESP spends a lot of time building the M1 class.

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M2 Internship: Miguel Camacho

Miguel Camacho How did you obtain your M2 thesis internship – was the process easy or difficult? I got my internship through the Internship Forum organized by EHESP. As part of the completion of our program, we need to have an internship that will be connected to our master’s dissertation. Coming directly from M2 (under the Europubhealth program), I have not done prior

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We’re moving!!

An update on all news relating to EHESP, the MPH course, the students and general public health news. EHESP’s Paris site will be relocating from Broussais hospital in the 14e arrondissement to la Maison de Science des Hommes (MSH) which is located in Aubervilliers, Greater Paris. The Space looks great and the students are anxiously awaiting their first week of

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