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Public Health Perspective: ASEAN Economic Community and Migration

ASEAN Economic Migration: Aspiration or Reality By Kanya BENJAMANEEPAIROJ The Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) was founded in 1967. With the charter of ASEAN, it focuses on several issues: economy, natural resources (such as energy), and other investments. The formation of ASEAN was followed by AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Agreement), which is a direct result of a regional economic integration

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Networking: Interview with ParisWHO Director General

By Dorothy NAKIWALA The most anticipated function of the year for EHESP is now a week away! The Paris World Health Organization Simulation (ParisWHO) under the Theme: Health and Innovation; Challenging Health Inequalities and Creating Sustainable Development, will finally take place on the 25th to 27th September. For the past 7 months or so, the PARISWHO team has been up and down,

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JANUARY THEME 2015 EDITORIAL: Millennium Development Goals 2015: Past and Future

By Joanne AMLAG Goals are important. New Year’s Day is a particularly special time in which people all around the world make promises to themselves to fulfill specific goals. For example, I’m sure many of my classmates have made numerous personal goals in the past few days. Goals that probably involve the likes of studying more regularly, working out more

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