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Zika virus linked to microcephaly epidemic in Americas

Maxine LANCELOT   The mosquitoes that carry Zika are now spread over an unprecedented portion of the earth due to the increasing temperatures, deforestation, and this year’s El Nino event, the largest in history. Amidst the international panic over the appearance of Zika virus in the Americas for the first time ever and a correlated spike in cases of microcephaly

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Indigenous peoples’ health affected by climate change

Maxine Lancelot Indigenous peoples contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions, often living carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative lifestyles. Ironically, they are the most sensitive to the effects of deforestation, which challenges indigenous access to and ownership of traditional forest lands, and the emerge of climate-related health challenges exacerbated by high rates of poverty, marginalization, unemployment, and inadequate access to health

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