PHIN Helping Hand program 2017

by Pearl Anne Ante


This year PHIN organized a ‘Helping Hand’ program instead of the Buddy system from previous years to help incoming students not just to get acclimated to life in Paris, but also to guide them through the French administrative procedures.


To facilitate this program, we requested for the new students’ e-mails in order to have further contact with them. Each student who consented to being contacted by us received an e-mail with the details. Students were invited to a Google Drive folder containing all the necessary information they need to know before coming to France. The documents were uploaded by the different committees which were composed of current MPH students. Students who consented got the contacts of the people under each committee (e.g. Bank committee, Transportation committee) whom they could contact for clarifications and further details. The folder also contained some tips and advices to help them perform better in class and enjoy Paris more. PHIN also created WhatsApp and Facebook groups for incoming students so everyone will be acquainted before school year starts.


New students expressed their appreciation and told us how useful it has been. We hope that this project will continue in the years to come!


Access to PHIN Helping Hand program.




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