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By Jordan DEPPIESSE PHIN celebrated the end of the school year in typical Parisian style with our classmates at our end-of-the-year party. We had a great time eating, drinking, and laughing the night away! Now we’re back to work planning welcoming events for new students and setting up a new and improved website. Calling all newly admitted MPH students! Do

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JANUARY THEME 2015 EDITORIAL: Millennium Development Goals 2015: Past and Future

By Joanne AMLAG Goals are important. New Year’s Day is a particularly special time in which people all around the world make promises to themselves to fulfill specific goals. For example, I’m sure many of my classmates have made numerous personal goals in the past few days. Goals that probably involve the likes of studying more regularly, working out more

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OP-ED: The Masculinists and their Mindless Movement

By Jordan Deppiesse The Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) was established in the 1970’s as a response to feminism [1]. This audacious move by self-entitled, self-righteous morons claimed men were losing their rights because of women’s demands for equal treatment [1,2]. For the sake of the argument, I will refer to these neanderthals as masculinists. Masculinists argue feminism has directly contributed

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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Kanya Benjamaneepairoj

Why are you in the MPH? I have been involved in working with reproductive health campaigns and HIV/AIDS research, however I’ve had limited knowledge about public health. So, I would like to learn more and understand the subject better, particularly in the research aspect. I hope this great experience at EHESP will make us become public health experts. Tell us about

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Editorial April 2013

Hello Dear Readers! April 7th was World Health Day and we hope you all celebrated it properly! We here at the newsletter have tried to celebrate it by incorporating a World Health theme into our Healthy Living and Getting involved sections for the month. We’ve also added a new section containing a poll which will become a monthly thing! We

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