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OP-ED: Freedom to Offend

By Jordan DEPPIESSE If freedom of expression can cross a line then are we truly free to express ourselves? It is commonly accepted that mocking someone’s religious beliefs is unfair and cruel. It is considered an act of bigotry and hate to use a person’s religion against them. There is a sect of the population, generally secular, who counter this

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FEBRUARY THEME 2015 EDITORIAL: #FreedomofSpeech #ThinkBeforeYouSpeak

By Belma HALILOVIC With the recent tragic upheaval of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, the right to “freedom of speech” has been brewing in many conversations across the globe. Thus, this has inspired conversation amongst our diverse MPH class and further, the theme for PHIN’s February Edition: Freedom of Speech. As with many unexpected incidents, we are quick to

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By Joanne AMLAG What: Charlie Hebdo Unity Rally Where: Place de la Republique, Paris When: 11 January, 2015 – 3:00PM Why: [as written per rally invitations] Pour la liberté de la presse, pour la république pour la liberté de conscience et d’opinion pour lutter contre l’obscurantisme pour ne pas capituler face au terrorisme Why? Like many others living in Paris,

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