Movie Club

@ La Maison Vert on Wednesdays (17h30)
Screening for October 12, 2011

(Directed by Lucía Puenzo and staring Ricardo Darín, Valeria Bertuccelli and Germán Palacios)

Winner of the Critics Week Grand Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival; XXY follows the emotional journey of Alex, a 15 year old intersex person hiding from society’s critical eye in a small seaside village in Argentina.  Having lived life as a girl till now, Alex begins experimenting as all teenagers do, with her sexuality and gender. Alex must now face a tough decision-whether or not she should go through with changing her sex. 


Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard 

An excellent play from Mariveaux, a famous French writer who lived at the beginning of the 19th century. It’s a comedy about love, deception and power. Highly recommended. 



Flee Markets – Les Puces

“Les Puces de Clignacourt”

Lots of stands selling cheap clothes and shoes side by side with the antique shops that display very unique and expensive items like furniture, jewellery or paintings.
Metro: ‘Porte de Clignacourt’ , follow the signs to “Puces de Clignacourt” Open from Saturday until Monday, from the early morning till about 5PM.

 “Les Puces de Montreuil”

Definitely cheaper than Puces de Clignacourt and bargaining is possible (quite unusual for French standards).  There are many options for vintage lovers. Also, if you walk right to the end of the stands and the ‘official’ market, there is a street filled with people selling things ranging from a jar of olives to a drilling machine.
Metro:‘Porte de Montreuil’. Open from Saturday to Monday from around 8AM until 5PM. It is worth noting that since the sellers want to get rid off their stocks, some things will be cheaper on Monday.

Fruit-Vegetables-Fish Markets

There are markets varying from over priced and bourgeois to really cheap and hectic. They are a true Parisian tradition and you could even come out with some tasty French cheeses of better quality and cheaper than the shops!

Barbés market

One of the biggest and cheapest markets in Paris. With its oriental atmosphere, it is definitely far from being a Parisian stereotype. Don’t hesitate to drop by if you want to get a sense of ‘real Paris’ in the 18th district.
Metro:Barbés-Rochechouart. Open from 7AM until 2.30PM

Saint-Honoré market

Quite bourgeois and expensive, but worthwhile for the interesting architecture and covert food market.
Metro: Pyramides.Open on wednesdays from 1PM to 8PM and Saturdays from 7AM to 3PM.

“Le Marché des Enfants Rouges”  

The oldest food market in Paris built under the rule of Louis XIII around 1615. The name, which means the Market of the Red Children, refers to the red uniform of the children of the orphanage that was located close to the market.
Metro: Temple or Filles du Calvaire. Open from 8.30AM to 1PM and from 4PM to 7.30PM from Tuesday to Saturday and from 8.30AM to 2PM on Sundays. 

Belleville Market

A combination of farmer’s and flees market, for those looking for something other than French food. There are also a few hot-food vendors selling hot dogs, burgers, funnel cakes and ice cream!
Metro: Belleville. Open onTuesdays and Fridays from 7AM to 2.30PM.


Paris has a lot of political and cultural activity going on in various squats or social centers. These are abandoned buildings (often government owned) that have been occupied and re-appropriated by groups of artists, performers, activists, musicians or just people that need a roof over their heads. Squatting tradition is still a characteristic of Paris, and even though many of them have been shut down, there are still a lot of new ones that have managed to become legitimate and are supported by local municipalities.

Electron libre chez Robert

Do not hesitate to see the contemporary art exhibitions in this typical Parisian apartment building with an eccentrically decorated facade.
59 rue de Rivoli 

Les Frigos

Once a giant refrigerator producing ice, this old building has been re-appropriated by many artists and its facade is filled with some impressive graffiti and mural art. It also has an interesting café on the ground floor.
19 Rue des Frigos

La Générale

Another well known and ‘quasi officialized’ squat with around 15 people living permanently and a collective of about 50 people occupying the ateliers and workshops on the three floors. They sometimes organize  ‘fêtes du quartier’ (neighborhood parties) which include concerts, performances, theatre and an “open scene” where anybody can come up and perform!
10-14 Rue du Générale Lasalle

La Petite Rockette

An ancient school with a variety of open courses ranging from capoiera to IT classes for the elderly. Everything is run by volunteers. The best way to find out what’s on is to stop by between 14h and 20h, from Tuesday to Saturday and you’ll be sure to find someone who can give you detailed information.
6 rue Saint-Maur

Street Art

Fred le Chevalier

During your walks in Paris, in endless autumn streets, huddled under an umbrella, keep your eyes wide open to track, search and discover some poetic street art, such as the admirable collages of Fred le Chevalier. His naive graffitis are ubiquitous and can be found from Rue Biot, Rue Turbigo, Rue Vieille du Temple to Rue Lamarck as well as many streets in the right and left side of the bank.



  • 私はよ すぐ |私はとしてRSSフィードRSSあなたできない 見つけることにサブスクリプション または Eニュースサービス} {あなたのメールを検索する|見つけます。行うあなたがしたいずれかを? 親切 せ そのためには 理解私は私が可能性購読してください。ありがとうございます。
    商品到着後レビュー記載でプレゼント 正規通販新作2015種類

  • あなたがしなければならない| 情報ニュース 最新のため インターネットとワールドワイドウェブ私はこの アップデート最新 ウェブサイト。
    資本留保 国内即発

  • こんにちは、もちろんこのポスト 実際には 良い気難しくて、私はに関するブログの話題に|について|に関する。感謝します。
    国内即発 大得価限定セール

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