Alumni-to-be (2011)

Adina Maria Bitfoi

Adina is a Romanian medical doctor whose main area of research is epidemiology, with a focus on mental health. She went back to Romania for her practicum where she is working on psychiatric epidemiology which is based on the “School Children Mental Health in Europe” Project conducted in 2008-2011 in seven European countries, including Romania. The main objective of the project was to set up an instrument for collecting information about mental health of primary school children in all participating countries. Adina has been involved with this project since its inception and has been coordinating and carrying on the fieldwork in Romania.

Adrianna Saada

Adrianna is American and her coursework at EHESP focuses mainly on epidemiology and health Policy and management. Her particular field of interest is examining health disparities in terms of social disadvantage, access to and quality of care and service utilization. She is currently pursuing her practicum in the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in North Carolina, USA. She’s working on the evaluation team for North Carolina’s Baby Love and Baby Love Plus Programs. These programs provide clinical care and social support services for pregnant and postpartum women at 185% of poverty who are enrolled in Medicaid. The evaluation team seeks to improve programming efforts aimed at reducing adverse birth outcomes in the African American population, strengthen perinatal systems of care, and build community capacity to address perinatal disparity. Her segment of the evaluation project seeks to identify women who are at risk for poor pregnancy outcomes and chose not to enroll (i.e., non-users) in the Baby Love and Baby Love Plus Programs and to document their reasons for non-use by conducting semi-structured interviews. Feedback from interview subjects in this pilot project will then be provided to program staff so as to improve services and increase utilization. 

Ali Al khafaji

Ali, an Iraqi medical doctor, is mainly interested in epidemiology and has also taken modules from humanitarian health and biostatistics. He is currently doing his practicum in Cochrane Collaboration for Clinical Epidemiology in Paris. The project is regarding ever-greened medications. After graduating from EHESP, he hopes to work in clinical research as well as go back to practicing medicine. 

Amal Fakha

Amal is Lebanese. Her main areas of study at EHESP are management and health policy as well as humanitarian health. For her practicum, she is working with the Institut Naitonal du Cancer where she is researching alchol public health policies in Europe.  After graduation, she hopes to work with a health agency in France.

Asif Hammed Khan

Asif, who hails from Kashmir, is a medical doctor by training. His major areas of interest at EHESP have been humanitarian health and epidemiology. He is currently working with the French Red Cross in Vientiane, Laos, where he is conduing a Participatory Community Assessment (PCA) in district Hine Hep of the Vientiane province. The PCA process involves the commuity in determining health priorities, opportunites and possible actions in the areas of maternal, newborn and child health.  After graduating from EHESP, he plans to establish a drug rehabilation center and a maternity hospital in Kashmir.

Claire Bellia

Claire’s major concentrations at EHESP are management and health policy, she also took additional biostatistics and humanitarian health as super-opitional modules. She studied social and behavioral health through both the management/ health policy and epidemiology tracks. Claire is finishing up her practicum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is also affiliated with the American College of Surgeons Health Policy Research Institute.  She has been working on variety of projects including various aspects of the American healthcare reform, trauma systems in the United States and progressive specialization of general surgeons. Claire is from Malta.

Dominique Pataut

Dominique, who is French, is interested in the research of harm reduction for vulnerable and hard to reach groups. He is currently doing his practicum at  Union “Alternative Georgia”, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. He is working on the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data on the social networks and risk behaviors of IDUs (intravenous drug users).

Farrukh J Malik

Farrukh, who hails from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is studying a wide range of subjects including epidemiology, behavioral sciences & health education, humanitarian health and global environmental change. He is currently finishing up his practicum at the World Health Organization’s  department of Tobacco Free Initiative.  He is working on Egypt’s Tobacco country report in Geneva.

Katia Slama

Katia is French and is pursuing a MPH with a concentration in general Epidemiology.  She is currently working in Fes, Morocco, where she is studying the determinants of  default tuberculosis treatments. She is working on two data sets. The first one is a case-control study where she is comparing defaulters to non-defaulters in regards to socio-demographic, personal and health service factors and then identifying main reasons for treatment default as cited by the patients themselves. The second project she is working on is a cohort study of new TB patients where she is identifying socio-demographic and personal risk factors linked to treament default.

Kieran Rooney

Kieran is specializing in health policy and management at EHESP. She is currently working at the European Academic Global Health Alliance (EAGHA) in Pairs. Kieran wanted to be actively involved in the analysis of the EU policy setting as well as strategic planning for the EAGHA, which is a new initiative aiming to influence EU global health policy. Kieran is American.

Meryl Darlington

Meryl is British and is studying epidemiology with a concentration in analysis and epidemiology of mental health at EHESP. She is conducting her practicum at Unité de Recherche Clinique-Economique (URC ECO) where she is evaluating the cost of computed tomographic coronary angiography in the French public hospital setting.

Nassima Check-Abdoula

Nassima is French and is studying humanitarian health part-time at EHESP. She is conducting her practicum at the French Red Cross where she also holds a permananet job. Her thesis is on a cohort of children in Niger who receive two different medication in the treatment of acute moderate malnutrition.

Rachael England

Rachael hails from America. She is interested in issues relating to Cross-Border Care and managing patient flow internationally from both the perspectives of governments and provider institutions. She is finishing up her practicum with Taipei Medical University’s Hospital system in Taiwan, where she is also studying the rise of medical tourism in Asia; specifically its impacts on the Taiwanese government policies and hospital management. After graduation, Rachael hopes to work with the medical tourism industry, particularly with provider institutions in helping them provide the best care possible for foreign patients.

Raju Prajapati

Raju, a Nepalise student at EHESP, is interested in epidemiology and environmental health. He is currently finishing up his practicum at EHESP where he is investigating the ‘role of norovirus in nosocomial gastroenteritis in France’.

Sean Tal

Sean Tal is American and is an exchange student from Kuopio University in Finland. He is currently finishing up his practicum in California where he is comparing public and private dental care patients- in conjunction with the type of insurance coverage a person has, whether it is public, private or cash payers- and exploring the disparities in dental insurance coverage related to broken dental appointments.  Sean will be applying to PhD programs after graduating from EHESP.

Sharon Koenen

Sharon hails from the Netherlands. Her specific research interests are global health and health financing. She is currently interning at the Health Systems Financing department of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Her project involves an analysis of the comprehensiveness of National Strategic Health Plans of 40 low-income countries, with a focus on coasting and financing information. After graduation, Sharon is planning on pursuing a Master of Science in Economics at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Thanh Huyen Nguyen

Huyen is a Vietnamese student at EHESP whose main areas of study are environmental /occupational health and epidemiology. Her thesis is based on a project in environmental health and health inequalities named “Equit’Area” conducted by the Environmental Health Department of EHESP. This research in environmental justice deals with spatial distribution of environmental nuisances and pollution in the two French metropolitan areas, Lille & Lyon. It aims to explore the association between proximity to industrial facilities and  socio-economic characteristics.

Zach Ward

Zach is from Nairobi, Kenya. At EHESP, Zach studied epidemiology with a strong focus in biostatistics. He is currently developing a GIS based in Google Earth.  The goal is to create a user-friendly spatial statistics software package for public health professionals. He had previously done some preliminary programming. During his practicum, he has been researching different areas of spatial statistics and their potential applications in public health, while at the same time programming new GUI-based implementations of these statistics as part of the software package. After graduation, Zach will be working as a Programmer/Analyst at the Harvard School of Public Health – Center for Decision Science. He will be creating various disease models/decision science software tools and using them to help NGOs and Ministries of Health make decisions regarding policies and resource allocation.  He hopes to continue his work integrating GIS with public health and is in the process of discussing with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, the possibility of developing and field-testing a mobile phone version of the GIS he’s been working on. Zach just became a new father!


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