Student Spotlight

                                          Published on February 20th 2012

This month the PHIN board elected Natalia Toledo to the position of Social Secretary. Congratulations Natalia! Here she tells you in her own words her goals and aspirations for this position.

As the first social secretary, I’m looking forward to working with our PHIN board members and the rest of the student body to come up with cool activities that will bring everyone together once a month and lead the way for future social secretaries to come. Since the beginning of the year we have been a very close group. However as individuals naturally form stronger ties with each other, I feel it important to keep the group spirit alive by creating open activities that everyone knows about and can participate in. I see my role more as that of an activity facilitator. Since Paris is such an interesting city, and everyone knows a different Paris, I want to be the one that takes a portion of everyone’s interests and make it available to all. So far I can think of four different types of social activities: public health related activities, sports and games, touristic activities, and, of course, parties and celebrations. Please let me know your ideas so that we can get started on building up a strong social foundation that will help make next year’s newcomers feel as welcomed as we felt.




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