PHIN Team 2017 Mini Projects: Yoga Club and S2S Study Network

by Kevin Stambuli

This year, some students from the 2016-2018 M1 class and PHIN took on the initiative to start a Yoga club at EHESP’s campus in La Plaine St Denis. As soon as the building opened at 8:30AM, students came dressed to strike some yoga poses.

This year’s semester included classes in Epidemiology as well as STATA and R in Biostatistics programming, along with a variety of group projects.

Yoga proved to be the ideal response to a demanding course load.

“It’s basically a good way to start the week because on Tuesdays we are not in the mood for the start classes right away…”

There are a variety of benefits to practicing yoga, which is a positive outlet of energy. Such benefits include improved mood and concentration and lowered stress.

We hope yoga will continue in the years that follow.


This year, the PHIN team along with members of the EHESP M1 Class launched the S2S (Student-to-Student) network.

The S2S network was founded on the notion that students have different levels of mastery for certain module concepts. In sharing their knowledge with other students, everyone benefits. Working in teams allows students who are more confident in certain concepts to clarify to fellow students in difficulty their own process of understanding, and it also allows these same students to solicit someone in exchange when they need assistance for other module topics.

The idea is simple, an excel spreadsheet has been uploaded into the REAL platform on which students can write their name, which subjects they you feel confident in, as well as those they require extra attention in. They also include details about their availability and location and pair with other students to facilitate.

This year, S2S was highly unutilized. We suspect this was due to the nature of the courses as maladaptive to group learning. Further investigation is required to assess whether we will continue this network in the future.



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