M2 Internship: Shukrullah Ahmadi

Shukrullah AhmadiPWHO

How did you obtain your M2 thesis internship – was the process easy or difficult?

I started looking early to find an internship and I found more than one, but I chose the one that fitted my research interests. Internship fairs are very useful and I was ultimately offered an internship through an internship fair organized by EHESP. I found another internship, that I finally chose to do in the end. I found this internship by communicating my research interests with one of the Epidemiology professors of EHESP. She initially did not have a project but offered me one later then I took it and it was a successful project.

What was the focus of your internship and what did day-to-day work look like?

My internship was totally research based and studied sources of lead exposure in children as a subject. I was mainly working in an office in METIS department of EHESP where I managed and analyzed data bases using software like STATA. I also did some interesting field work directly related to my research in Africa under the supervision of my research supervisor. Field work was very important as it helped me to see real work in the field, from data collection to data entry and data validation. If you get an opportunity to experience working in the field, don’t miss it!

What do you think about your internship and how does it fit into your future plans?

In my opinion, I did the kind of internship that I was wanting to do. I learned a lot during this period. I was able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I learned in my Epidemiology and Biostatistics courses. There are many new concepts and skills I learned by doing it myself. I would like to continue a research career in Pediatric Epidemiology and my internship was a milestone in achieving this goal.


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