M2 Farewell Party 2017

by Pearl Anne Ante

Each year in February, the M2 students are experiencing all sorts of mixed emotions. Aside from being the month of love, it is also the month of their last stay in school and the start of their internship. To wish them good luck and bid them Farewell, PHIN hosted two events for them last February 3, 2017 entitled “Cheers to 2 years!”


The first event happened at lunch time on the 4th floor panoramic room, where both M1 and M2 students were asked to bring their food and share with everyone. PHIN also provided some light snacks such as pastries and drinks. The event started with a message from Shelby Deaton (M1 student) to M2 students. In response, three M2 students namely Tridip Borah, Justine Le Lez and Adrienne Knight (former PHIN President) gave their heartfelt messages to M1. After the exchange of messages, a mini video presentation was shown. This video was a collection of memorable photos of M2 cohort since they were in their first year. The program lasted from 12 noon to 1 pm.


The second part was a party at the Nul Bar Ailleurs in the 12th arrondissement. It started at around 7 pm and lasted until 1 am. Almost everyone attended that night making the bar alive with music and laughter. People danced all night long while having a great time with their friends. It was also the best time for M1 and M2 students to bond. Some who had never talked before were able to share conversations. It was truly a night to remember!


We would like to thank Tridip Borah (M2 student, class of 2017) for being the DJ of the night!


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