Knowledge Exchange 2017: Life After MPH

by Pearl Anne Ante
The aims of this event were as follows:
  1. to establish linkage between alumni and current students,
  2. for alumni to impart knowledge and advices to current students about life after the program,
  3. to give current students the opportunity to ask questions personally from alumni about things they need to know about student life, internships, thesis, PhD and job opportunities,
  4. to help M1 students prepare for M2,
  5. to help M1 students figure out which track to choose, and
  6. to give M1 students opportunities for internship.


The event took place on 12th of April 2017, from 4:30 pm to 7 pm at the Amphitheater of the MSH Building. There were four speakers (alumni) and 12 M1 participants. The speakers were Ke Zhou (PhD student on vector borne diseases prevention), Joy Seanehia (Statistics Project Manager in Protection Maternelle et Infantile), Narimane Nekkab (PhD student working on modeling hospital-acquired infection in the French healthcare network), and Bridget Relyea (Program Development and Research officer at Women and Health Alliance).


It was a very informative KE and quite helpful especially now that M1 students will soon be M2s. Everyone is worried and confused of which track and modules to choose as their specialization. Some are caught in a dilemma between doing PhD and finding work after the MPH. The alumni were able to give great advices and tips on how to fully enjoy and maximize the program. They shared about their background before the MPH, their experiences during the program, tracks they took, internships during M1 and M2, tips on choosing a thesis topic and how the MPH helped them in their careers.







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