Professor Spotlight: Florence Bodeau-Livinec

Florence Bodeau-Livinec

1.What module do you teach?Portrait FBL 2017

Coordinator for:

In M1: Global Health

In M2: Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology

Participation in: in M1 Epidemiology, Environmental health, in M2 Global health

Sometimes in the past: in M1 Biostatistics, Maternal and Child Health, in M2: core modules in Biostatistics

2. How did you get involved in your current work?

I have been contacted by the school when I was working at New York University. There was a job opened. Someone had heard from me talking with a colleague where I had done my PhD.

3. What did you study (e.g. BSc, MSc, PhD etc) to get to such a position?

MD, PhD.

4. How does your work address some of the public health issues today?

I am working on child development in relation to risk factors within the pre and postnatal period. This work highlights the need to decrease environmental exposures in developing countries, and advocate for relevant follow-up on children at risk of impairments in developed countries.

5. What advice do you have for MPH students interested in working on a similar project or in a similar field?

A PhD is mandatory to be a principal investigator in research. Keep working in the same area is good to develop publications and network. Do what you like!

6. Tell us one thing about you that many people don’t know.

I found a job in New York city because I was in an elevator when the good person came in!

7. Finally, if you could choose a different career path other than the one you are on, what would it be?

I would have liked to be an architect, but I think I prefer to do what I am doing today as I feel useful and in agreement with my values.






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