We’re moving!!

An update on all news relating to EHESP, the MPH course, the students and general public health news.

EHESP’s Paris site will be relocating from Broussais hospital in the 14e arrondissement to la Maison de Science des Hommes (MSH) which is located in Aubervilliers, Greater Paris. The Space looks great and the students are anxiously awaiting their first week of lectures there starting today (1/2/16)! So, to all you incoming students, this would be your new academic home!


Finals week and then they’ll be off!

How time has flown! The M2 cohort (pictured below) are sitting their finals over the next three days before they jet off to all corners of the globe for internships. Want to keep up with their internship adventures? Then be sure to keep an eye out for future editions where we will be catching up with several of them for internship updates.


Seeing them off in style!

Surprising them with personalised invitations after class last week only acted as the m2s3drum-roll to the M2 farewell party being planned by the Public Health International Network (PHIN) – the MPH’s student association. The organising board are excited for the M2 and M1’s to enjoy all of our event planning efforts on Wednesday 3rd February. If you can’t wait until the next issue to see pictures, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Applications are still open for the EHESP Master in Public Health (MPH)

Have a burning interest in public health? Want to experience a lifestyle filled with that je ne sais quoi in Paris? Want to come across people from all walks of life? If you answered yes to most of those questions, then this could be the perfect masters programme for you. It is a very international programme with students coming from every corner of the world and visiting lectures coming from notable universities in France, the UK and USA. The M1s were even recently lectured by a former health vice-minister! Apply here before February 21st 2016. Good luck!


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