Letter of Editor


Hello everyone/Bonjour tout le monde,


On behalf of the editorial board, it is my pleasure to introduce the first issue of the PHIN Newsletter for 2016. The core mission of this newsletter is to act as an instrument for publication of quality articles of public health importance. The contents of the newsletter will reflect the growing importance of a particular chosen topic, once every two months, on important public health themes.


Members of the editorial board are EHESP students from different parts of the world, thus providing adequate representation from varied geographic areas. The editorial board will follow a peer review and editorial process to ensure the objectivity, credibility and quality of the published material on the newsletter.


We encourage authors to adhere to ethical guidelines, disclose potential conflicts of interest of any kind, and follow uniform requirements for standardized articles. Any inputs from the readers or professional organizations in public health are welcome in pursuit of continued improvement.


Lastly, I would like to thank the 2016 editorial board, EHESP and the PHIN Committee for their generous support of this non-profit project. I look forward to receiving your input or suggestions to strengthen the mission of this our piece of diligent effort.




Tridip Jyoti Borah



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