Editorial: Congrats Class of 2015! Bonjour été

Dear All,

On Friday, July 3rd, EHESP second year students (M2s) graduated from the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. Adorned in azure blue caps and gowns, they ascended the stage honored and humbled to face family and friends as they received their diplomas. It was a long awaited moment after two challenging years of studying epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and management, social and behavioral health, and environmental health. For many students, moving to Paris was their first time living away from home, forging international friendships, learning a new language, somehow completing an internship abroad and defending a master thesis.

Each year, new students leave a mark on the MPH program and the Class of 2015 is no exception. First year students were fortunate to have classes at the beautiful Cité internationale universitaire campus due to the persistence from M2s. Like other international classes before them, this cohort also grew close after numerous group projects and daily discussions about health and disease, problem solving global issues, debating different philosophies and learning from one another. If there is a common theme in the MPH program, it is definitely the diversity of countries and backgrounds represented in the classroom. There is much to say about personal growth and friendships that will last a lifetime. Like many of their loved ones on graduation day, I witnessed a class that has shared many memories and will forever remember this time in their life.

The PHIN Newsletter team gives a heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2015. We dedicate the July 2015 Issue to your graduation and now welcome summer in Paris!

Joanne AMLAG

Graduation July 3, 2015


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