Alumni Networking: Hidenori Matsuo

1. Where and what is your current work/professional situation?

I am currently doing an internship at Chaire Inpes “promotion de la santé” à l’EHESP in Rennes. The Chair belongs to the Department of human and social sciences and health behaviour at EHESP. I work on two different projects: firstly, reviewing the literature of community-driven approaches in the domain of community health and, secondly, identifying determinants of population-level alcohol consumption in France.

2. How did you get involved in your current work?

The professor of the chair, Dr. Eric Breton, taught several of our MPH classes. For that reason, it was easy to contact him directly. I sent him a message attached with my CV and asked for this internship. I mentioned my interests regarding community health promotion and my previous experiences in several different countries in Africa.

3. What skills did you learn from the MPH program that are applicable in your current roles?

It’s a bit difficult to answer this question, but I would say that all of the lectures and assignments (group work and individual) in our MPH provided me with a basic understanding of the complexities of public health and health promotion. More precisely, community health issues cannot be addressed without considering social and environmental determinants of health. In addition, health planning models and theories covered in our MPH continue to guide me in mapping out the complex interventions that health promotion requires.

4. Any advice for future EHESP MPH graduates?

I really recommend that you come to Rennes. At the main campus of EHESP, I had many opportunities to talk with other health professionals working in different fields. Paris is of course interesting, but Rennes is calmer and more comfortable – in my opinion. Local, fresh food is available in the centre of the city every Saturday morning, which is considered to be the second largest market in France. Moreover, Rennes is a great place to improve your French skills!!


One comment

  • Hi,sounds like you had a good time on your internship! I am about to join the MPH course as an M2 student and I would really like to do an internship in Rennes at Inpes. I am taking modules in Epidemiology and Behavioural and Health Science in Public Health. When you applied for the internship did you have a specific project/area in mind or did you write to the chair requesting a general placement? I am very keen to talk to someone about a placement there so any information at all would be great.

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