MARCH THEME 2015 EDITORIAL: 25 years of the French Paradox (The Foodie Edition)

By Joanne AMLAG



One comment

  • I just read an article about traditional French eating, and it’s low in carbohydrates compared to American diets! While France does have its sweets, it’s the American diet that has them eating sugary foods throughout the day, while sweets are eaten only after meals, and such. Certainly the French diet doesn’t have the “sugar for breakfast” that many Americans have. Also, while French non-dessert food may have saturated fats (eg. cream), it’s been shown that saturated fats reduce hunger — European portions of food are well-known to be smaller than American. Remarkably, while the American diet is being exported throughout the world, Americans are only slowly adapting diets from other countries, and only the Mediterranean diet, at that.

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