NETWORKING – Past MPH Internships


As we begin a fresh start to the school year, this is the time our first year MPH students (M1) should begin to seek and explore internship options at the end of this semester. Check out some of the unique internships M2’s spent last summer researching for some inspiration:

Mary Niezgoda

“From Feb – September I worked at La fondation œuvre de la Croix Saint Simon where I worked with 3 centres PMIs on reducing / preventing early childhood obesity . (Especially among disadvantaged children. )

My other project was aimed to improve health literacy among families to reduce the huge amount of “unnecessary ” visits to the ER related to childhood sickness such as fever, prolonged diarrhea & respiratory problems at the Hôpital Croix Saint Simon. Our goal was to hold monthly information sessions and create a GP network that families could see without a RDV for “minor” problems such as fever, etc, to not overuse and burden the ER.”

– prior to her internship Mary worked at Institut Arthur Vernes alongside the chief ob/gyn & a pediatrician for 2 years.

Hala Allabadi (EHESP alumni):

interned at Gustave Roussy- @ Villejuif

Worked in the management and quality department on a care coordination project for the hospital and conducted a literature review on care coordination practices existing in the USA that could be applied at the hospital.

 Shoshannah Elyse Kalson-Ray:

“This past summer my internship was with the Epidemiology department of EHESP. I worked for Emmanuelle Leray on a retrospective cohort study which she had designed and collected a database for. It was a continuance of a large scale study on MS and mortality that she had already completed. I therefore completed a spin-off study about MS and suicide. I worked very independently,keeping in contact mainly through email. I really enjoyed the autonomy and the article is under review for publishing!  It really allowed me to practice my biostats and STATA skills. Great experience overall. I am also first author for the study which shows that Emmanuelle is a very fair prof!”

Jana Azour:

“I worked at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon with the Public Health Advisor and the Syrian refugees response team. I mostly worked on programs related to the refugees  and the host community.”

Narimane Nekkab:

Action Against Hunger (Action contre la faim):

” It is the largest french NGO dedicated to fighting against malnutrition worldwide, consisting of 4 departments: nutrition, wash (water sanitation hygiene), food security, mental health & care practices. I worked for the mental health department “operational research.” My goal was to implement a database to serve as a monitoring and evaluation tool for various mental health and care practices (consisting of 6). My task was to review the questionnaire’s and access based software used to create and implement the database in various test sites during the pilot.

During this process we collaborated with the regional operational psychologists in the headquarters as well as the local mental health and practice program managers (located in India, Chad, Kurdistan/Iraq, Cameroon, etc.) My final deliverable was a detailed report on the feasibility of the project.”

Courtney Dow:

” I worked between EHESP and Paris University 13. I did a literature review on lung cancer survival and performed the survival analysis for a cohort of lung cancer patients, summarizing my findings in a final report.”


For interests in internships at the WHO headquarters (Geneva), applications have to be made before Jan.31st

How to apply for an internship with WHO Headquarters:
To be considered for a summer internship, applications are accepted between December 1 – January 31 each year. Summer internships are usually held between May and October.
(neither transportation nor accommodation).
Students could also choose look into regional offices such as PAHO and WHO Copenhagen. 
Information is also available on the website.  

Last year’s M1 internships:

Mi AZOUR Jana Ministry of Health Beyrouth Lebanon
Mi BENOVA Iveta Ministry of Health Paris, France,
Ms DOW Courtney University Paris 13 & EHESP
Ms ELIAS Vanessa WAHA WAHA – Women and Health Alliance International & Cheikh Mbaye, director
Mi FORTAS Camille Copenhagen University Denmark & International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research,   Copenhagen 365 University of Copenhagen
Mi FUENTES Sonsoles Madrid Spain
Mr GIDEY Netsanet Berhe Action contre la Faim (ACF)
Mr HAGEN Daniel Mailman School of PH, Columbia, NYC
Mi KALSON RAY Shoshannah EHESP Department EPI & Biostats
Ms LARISCH Lisa-Marie Uganda Newborn Survival Study, Uganda
Ms NADER Carol OCDE Paris ,
Ms NEKKAB Narimane Action contre la Faim (ACF)
Mi NGUYEN Thuan Thi International Relations Department of the Swiss Red Cross, Field Malawi
Mi NIEZGODA Mary Fédération Croix Saint Simon Paris
Ms OKUNO ITO Rena United Nations World Food Program Tokyo Liaison Office,
Mr OMAR Mokhtar EHESP Department EPI & Biostats
Mi PANCHALINGAM Janani Mount Sinai Medical Center NYC
Mi PIKE Emma MoH Paris Direction Générale de la Santé, bureau VIH, IST, hépatites
Mi SUNG Hyunjoo (Grace) SEOUL Corea
Mr TADESSE Fisseha ADDIS ABABA Ethiopian Association of Public Health
Ms WARIN Laurence WHO Copenhagen
Mi WENDLING Julie WHO Copenhagen

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