By Rose Adjeibempah


From the 3rd to the 5th October, I had the opportunity to attend the American Mock WHO (AMWHO) Conference at the University of North Carolina, USA. The conference sought to simulate the proceedings of the World Health Assembly; this was in similar process with other WHO Simulations such as the Montreal and Ontario WHO Simulation, but AMWHO was the very first of its kind in America. Delegates gathered from all over the country gathered at Rosenau Hall, UNC to address important issues on the theme “Health in times of Conflict”.

The 3-day meeting was very exciting as well as educative. Students were trained on the various rules of debating and Parliamentary procedures and were given the opportunity to occupy important positions such as National Delegates, Media and NGO Representatives. Students split into five regional blocs: Africa, the Americas, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and West Pacific/Southeast Asia. As I was assigned to the republic of Costa Rica, I was in the Americas region together with delegates from USA, Peru, Venezuela etc. We prepared two resolutions over the weekend on healthcare systems before and after conflict. These resolutions were presented to the plenary where they were voted on and passed by majority. Apart from the very interesting simulations, there were highly renowned speakers from WHO and other organizations who threw more light on the activities of WHO and how we could contribute as students to promote its aim of achieving a healthier world.
The AMWHO Conference was an excellent platform for students to gain hands-on experience on the procedures of the WHO, as this cannot be acquired in any academic setting. Participants were empowered to seek solutions to various issues of global concern.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the International Relations Department, Prof. Martine Bellanger, Prof. Thomas Ricketts, Claudine Maudit and all M1 students for their invaluable support. In light of organizing our very own Mock WHO Simulation here in Paris next year, I would also like to extend a huge BONNE COURAGE to my fellow team members of the EHESP Organizing team. We have a huge task ahead of us, but I believe that our individual abilities brought together will make this a huge success. As the wise saying goes, “When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion”.



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