Dear writers, meet Jordan Deppiesse, MPH1 student, and a new member of the Newsletter Team! Screenshot (9)

Jordan, why are you in the MPH?

I am in the MPH because I believe it is impossible to bring people out of poverty, to achieve equality, and to have a sustainable world without a focus on public health.

Tell us about your background.

I am a 4th generation Canadian from Vancouver! I recently finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Throughout my degree I focused largely on gender issues, reproductive rights, and public health advocacy. I was also fortunate enough to complete cooperative education, which allowed me to gain relevant public health experience.

Tell us about your work experience.
My first co-op position in university was as a “Hand Hygiene Auditor” for the provincial health authority. Essentially, my job was to watch nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers (as inconspicuously as possible) and gather data regarding their hand hygiene practices when attending to a patient. After data was collected I would create report cards and make suggestions for how the staff could improve practices. Not only did I gain data collection and dissemination skills, but I was exposed to the inner workings of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. This helped to solidify my decision to go into public health, as opposed to clinical practice.

What is your favorite thing about Paris?

I am especially enjoying the relaxed culture. I never feel the need to rush. Being able to stop for a drink or a picnic along the Seine whenever I have time is liberating! I also love stumbling upon beautiful sights around every corner.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

I would love to be working for an international health organization on reproductive health policy in the next 15 years. Before that, I hope to obtain further public policy education after the MPH program. After having lived in Paris for a month, I am also considering staying here – it would be too hard to leave!

What is your favorite food?

SEAFOOD! I’m a sucker for tuna.

What do you do in your spare time?

In Canada I played on sports teams in my free time and partook in multiple water sports. My summers are always spent at my family’s cottage at a beautiful lake on Vancouver Island. I am looking forward to finding some new teams to join here in Paris. I also plan to take advantage of my proximity to so many other countries by travelling as much as possible! So far in Paris, I have spent most of my free time getting lost.

What do you like/dislike about the MPH so far?

I have been really impressed by the international MPH group. I am learning a lot from my fellow classmates, and I appreciate having the opportunity to really interact with each other and share our ideas on public health issues. The concept of reversed pedagogy is also an aspect of the program I am enjoying. I find it much easier to learn when I have to come to my own conclusions, instead of an instructor just spewing off information.

What I am not so fond of is the way things are organized. Perhaps I’m used to a very organized and strict way of learning, but I often feel confused about expectations for assignments and class time.

Which Disney character would you want to be?

The Little Mermaid! I could eat all the seafood I wanted and it would always be super fresh!

What would you do with a million euros?

Pay off my student loans of course. Then I would buy a 15sq meter studio apartment in Paris. That’s how much they cost, right?


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