Students’ New Year Resolutions


The New Year brings new beginnings, new adventures. As a Public Health student, it’s a good time to make resolutions! No, not to loose weight or keep within your budget, instead get inspired and try these:

  •  First, stay on track with Public Health news by subscribing to newsletters online. Not only they will keep you current but also they will give you ideas for your career. Newsletters are always informative, from conferences to new studies research; you will definitely need them in the future.
  •  Thinking public health is such a broad subject and you don’t know where you stand? Attend as many health conferences as you can. Not only it will define what you are looking for but you will also meet professionals in the industry.  This is also a great way to network if you are looking for future ventures.
  • Looking for internship ideas? Get on LinkedIn; the worlds largest professional network. Always wanted to have a certain position? Look up people who are presently in that position and see their career path. You would be amazed how this could help you in your internship research. You can also contact them and ask them for advice.
  • Feeling limited in your studies? Or you need further understanding on a certain subject? You can learn public health subjects by taking online classes. There are plenty of online platforms providing free online classes. It’s a great way to learn more and to communicate with others.
  • Have too much free time on your hands? Start volunteering and get involved. Want to donate but you don’t have the funds? You can always give one or two of your weeknights to the foundation of your choice. Check online, organizations are always looking for volunteers.
  • Heading to another country for your summer internship?  Start learning their local language now.  Preparing yourself to immerse in their culture is the first step to a great and successful experience. While you can’t master the language, learning the basics will definitely help you.

These are only a few resolutions you can make to help your career in the future. Be open to new ideas and stay positive for 2014!


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