By Joanne Amlag and Belma Halilovic Bonjour readers! We would like to introduce your new editors Joanne Amlag and Belma Halilovic. We are looking forward to the new year and collaborating with our talented PHIN newsletter team. We hope to strive to make the PHIN Newsletter our primary outlet for public health related news, events, […]


By Joanne Amlag The most beautiful avenue in the world twinkles for Christmas. Each year during the festive season, the various districts in Paris are decorated with Christmas lights and festive decorations. In the 8th arrondissement, the decorations on the Avenue des Champs Elysées are the most exceptional and impressive in the whole city. The […]


By Belma Halilovic If you are sticking around in Paris for the Holidays take advantage of the festive holiday ambiance!  SHOWS/ EXHIBITIONS: The Nutcracker, ballet A fairy story of a ballet.The night before Christmas, Clara falls asleep, surrounded by her presents. But during the night, the toys come to life! The Nutcracker, her small wooden […]

world aids day

By Dorothy Nakiwala DATE EVENT WEBSITE 01/12/2014 World AIDs Day Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free Generation 02/12/2014 EHESP EVENT: BPI CONNECT MEETING: Sandrine Simon, a Public Health Advisor from the Sexual and Reproductive Health division of Médecins du Monde to come and discuss her past experiences and projects in field. 01/12-03/12/14 National Harbor, […]

gender equality

By Jordan Deppiesse The Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) was established in the 1970’s as a response to feminism [1]. This audacious move by self-entitled, self-righteous morons claimed men were losing their rights because of women’s demands for equal treatment [1,2]. For the sake of the argument, I will refer to these neanderthals as masculinists. Masculinists […]


By Rose Adjeibempah From the 3rd to the 5th October, I had the opportunity to attend the American Mock WHO (AMWHO) Conference at the University of North Carolina, USA. The conference sought to simulate the proceedings of the World Health Assembly; this was in similar process with other WHO Simulations such as the Montreal and Ontario […]


By Malorie Parent Pour ce deuxième article d’horizon la rédaction vous propose un article que j’avais écrit il y a de ça plusieurs mois déjà : mon témoignage en tant que sage-femme cadre de santé d’un hôpital français. Je l’ai écrit sous forme d’un cri du cœur, exprimant mon ressenti sur la situation actuelle du […]


by Sophie Bourquin For the last 70 years, antibiotics have been used to treat patients with infectious diseases, as a result, associated illnesses and deaths have been reduced considerably. However, antibiotics have been widely used for so long, that the infectious organisms that antibiotics are designed to kill have evolved and adapted to antibiotics, making the […]

food coma

By Kanya Benjamaneepairoj What is food coma? Food coma is a state of being uncomfortable and drowsy caused by overeating[1]. Basically, it is the feeling of fatigue after indulging in a big meal[2]. Does it exist? It actually does. It is recognized in a medical term called post-prandial somnolence [3]. This feeling happens when your body consumes massive amounts […]


Why are you in the MPH? I am looking for a way to make measurable change within my country, Ghana. Public Health is more at a population level and I feel like I can save multiple lives at a point in time just by making a relevant evidence-based decision. The MPH (hopefully) will broaden my […]

kanya spotlight

Why are you in the MPH? I have been involved in working with reproductive health campaigns and HIV/AIDS research, however I’ve had limited knowledge about public health. So, I would like to learn more and understand the subject better, particularly in the research aspect. I hope this great experience at EHESP will make us become public […]


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