New MPH graduates! On July 4th our M2 fellow classmates graduated! The ceremony took place in Rennes, in the grand amphitheatre of the main building of the EHESP campus. Overall, it was a… Continue reading


A forgotten solution for hospital-acquired infections By LAURENCE WARIN Already used in ancient times by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs for its antimicrobial activity, copper somehow slowly faded into the background and its… Continue reading


Do it over or do it right? By TASNEEM BOHRA In the Sheohar village of Bihar, India, one year old Vivek is looked after with great care by his parents. His mother continues… Continue reading


Dear Imran, why are you in the MPH? Health at individual and population levels have its own issues and need different approaches. As a medical doctor, the routine was to start from diagnosis,… Continue reading


Healthcare Philanthropy Philanthropy is “private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life”. Philanthropy is not to be associated with donations as donations are giving money while philanthropy tries to solve the problem… Continue reading

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