Fighting for the big, healthy apple By LAURENCE WARIN His name inspires skepticism or enthusiasm. He is a billionaire. A businessman. A philanthropist. He was mayor of New York City for twelve years…… Continue reading


Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic, West Africa, 2013–Present: The Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Ever By JULIE WENDLING Part I: Background Information Definition Ebola virus disease –or EVD– is an emerging infectious disease caused by any of… Continue reading


Philanthropy and health care By ALEKSANDRA DYSKO Have you heard of Warren Buffett’s giving away 99% of his wealth estimated at $68 Billion to the Gates foundation? This is only one example of… Continue reading


The healthy root By TASNEEM BOHRA What is Ronald Weasley’s least favourite colour, generally soft, slightly sweet to taste and full of various health benefits? You guessed right, it is beetroot! This tiny… Continue reading


Sophie Bourquin Sophie, why are you in the MPH? I’m interested in the MPH because it has a worldwide vision with a multidisciplinary approach. My objectives are to extend my knowledge from occupational… Continue reading


Stephanie Teloniatis Hi Stephanie, why are you in the MPH? After working as a frontline healthcare worker for almost 3 years, I discovered my passion for addressing health issues with a “preventative” point… Continue reading


Course “Enfants sans cancer” with Imagin For Margo On Sunday October 28th 2014, students from the MPH took part in the cancer run organised by Imagin For Margo, an association that fights against… Continue reading


In the previous newsletter issue, there was an article about copper and its antimicrobial activity which allows it to fight against healthcare-acquired infections. Because of these characteristics, some countries are trying to use… Continue reading

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